Warning !!!

  1) this package should be compiled with the latest version of the "pkg" command distributed
     with Formilux, which is the one located in the 'script' directory.
  2) dietlibc and sstrip are needed for most small utilities. Since they're not available
     everywhere, a pre-compiled version of these utilities is provided. To avoid unexpected
     cleanups, "pkg clean" only cleans the minimum, and you have to use "pkg distclean" to
     clean everything. Don't do it if you don't have all the tools to rebuild ! In this case,
     proceed this way :

        # pkg compile ; pkg prepack ; pkg strip ; pkg pack ; pkg clean

Note: the "pkg" command uses several special variables which can be defined in
the pkg file :
  - PATCH_LIST is a list of patches to apply with "pkg patch" or revert with
    "pkg unpatch" ;
  - FILE_LIST contains the name of a file (.flxfiles) which contains a listing
    of all files of the current directory to be archived in the package,
    instead of making a tar of .flxdisk. Note that do_prepack() and do_strip()
    should be redefined in this case (at least to do nothing).